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High purity gases - Messer Technogas s.r.o

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From Argon to Xenon - Messer's extensive product portfolio of high purity gases

Complete range of high purity gases

The high purity gas portfolio of Messer comprises products from “A” for Argon to “X” for Xenon. Apart from air gases we also offer carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, noble gases as well as many organic and inorganic gases.

Reliable product quality

The reliable product quality is the most important property of high purity gases. Strict quality management is therefore essential. We accurately ensure the quality of our raw materials and production stages and verify compliance within the specifications. Dependent upon the filling process and quality specifications, the control measurements range from batch to individual cylinder analysis. The individual application defines the quality requirement of the gas. Due to the extreme variety of applications and corresponding specifications of gas purity and maximum quantity of disturbing impurities, Messer provides high purity gases in several quality grades. For easy identification of product quality, the point notation system has become generally established. This indicates the purity based upon two numbers: the number before the decimal is the number of "nines", and the number after the decimal is the final number, which is not a nine. For example: a purity of 99,9996 % is abbreviated as 5.6, with a maximum sum of 4 ppmv for the specified impurities.

High Purity Gases by Messer

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Overview High Purity Gases by Messer

Here you can find the most common high-purity gases:

High Purity Gases

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High Purity Gases - Product Supply

Depending on the type of gas, the quality and the requested quantity, Messer offers various methods of delivery. These range from small cylinders to bundles with a filling pressure of up to 300 bar, or even bulk supply. Our experts are happy to assist you in finding the optimal delivery method for your specific requirements.

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