Standard Gas Mixtures


High precision standard gas mixtures for routine applications

In addition to pure gases, defined gas mixtures are required for routine applications in a variety of areas - from banana ripening to laser applications and the operation of ionization chambers. Thanks to their always-same composition, Messer can produce these as standard gas mixtures. Messer’s many years of experience and its employees’ high level of expertise in development, production and analysis, ensure that we can always offer our customers the high standards of quality they expect.


Individual gas mixtures In order to meet the special requirements of our customers, Messer manufactures also individual gas mixtures. These individual gas mixtures are manufactures on demand. Typical examples are test and calibration gases for analytical instruments. Messer offers a variety of mixture categories (Tecline, Traceline, Labline and Topline) which define the tolerance, uncertainty and stability period.

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